Community Helpers

There are many people in our communities that help us in many different ways. Kids see them all the time and don’t necessarily know what they are called or what they do. This community helpers section will help you solve that problem!

The 24 adorable characters in these pages provide opportunities for kids to think and talk about jobs. Example jobs include teacher, lifeguard, doctor, mechanic, farmer, and vet. Using these resources, your kids will be able to match people to the places where they work and the vehicles they drive, play I Have Who Has, match puzzle pieces, read and recognize vocabulary cards, use flash cards, and much more!

Over 60 pages of resources that are too much fun!

Community Helpers Flash Cards - Page 1 of 6

Community Helpers Flash Cards

The adorable characters on these community helpers flash cards will get your kids talking about the workers and their occupations in their neighborhood! Use in a social studies lesson, for kids to review during play time, or post them in a pocket chart. Print them out and cut along the dotted lines. They’ll hold up longer if you print them on card stock and laminate them. Just the right size for little kids hands!

6 pages of 24 flashcards, 4 helpers per page

Community Helpers Vocabulary Cards - Business Man & Woman, Chef, Crossing Guard

Community Helpers Vocabulary Cards

These community helpers vocabulary cards are a great choice to fit in a pocket chart. Use one for a lesson about a particular helper or put them all out for kids to familiarize themselves with all the helpers. There are 24 helpers. I’ve included 8 community buildings and 4 vehicles in this set. Kids can read the words on the cards, match the buildings and vehicles to the appropriate helper and match helpers that might work together in the same building or drive in the same vehicle.

36 vocabulary cards on 9 pages, 4 per page

Community Helpers Book - My Book of Community Helpers

Community Helpers Booklets

I think your kids will really enjoy these community helpers booklets! Each book has two sentences. The first sentence names the job, “I am a ___.”. The second sentence describes what the helper does. For example, for a fireman it says, “I put out fires.”. One booklet is just for reading and coloring, the other includes opportunities to trace the job titles. Use all of the pages or just some. Easy to assemble. Simply print, copy, cut in half, organize the pages, and staple.

2 booklets

Community Helpers I Have Who Has - Page 1 of 6

Community Helpers I Have Who Has

Community Helpers I Have Who Has is always a fun game that keeps kids on their toes, especially this edition. Besides using listening and reading skills, kids will use visual skills in identifying the helper on their card. Familiarize your kids with these specific helpers by using the coordinating flash cards first. Kindergarteners will most likely need adult help with this game the first few times around. Great fun for the whole class or small groups!

6 colorful pages, 4 cards per page

Community Helpers Matching Game - Page 1 of 4

Community Helpers - Matching Game

Matching is great fun for 5 year olds and this set provides several ways to do the matching. To match the images of the community helpers matching game, print two sets of the images. You can use the whole set of 24, or just some of them. The same for the word cards, print two sets and match. Or you can match the image cards to the word cards. The pictures will be easier for younger kids.

4 pages, 2 of images and 2 of job titles.

Community Helpers Description - Chef

Community Helpers Job Descriptions

Kids see many community helpers every day, but we rarely stop to talk about what they do. These bubble maps will give you that opportunity! Choose a community helper (or a few) and brainstorm with your kids what they think the helper does. Fill in the six bubbles on the community helpers job descriptions worksheet using one word or a short phrase of what they actually do. For example, a chef chops, cooks, bakes, stirs, measures, and pours. Have fun!

18 worksheets

Community Helpers Count How Many - Chef

Community Helpers Count How Many

Go ahead! Add some community helpers to your math lessons! These community helpers count how many pages have up to 10 objects neatly arranged in each set. Most have four sets per page, but some have six. Kids count the objects that correspond to the community helper on that page and write the numbers in the boxes. Objects include items like a policeman’s badge, a batch of vegetables for a chef, a hospital or school house, a cat, a dog and a bus. Coloring is extra! Answer sheets included.

8 worksheets

Community Helpers Matching Puzzles - Page 1 of 6

Community Helpers Matching Puzzles

These 24 adorable community helpers matching puzzles pieces have been cut in two! Help match the bottom half to the top half to make each one whole again. Two reference sheets with 12 helpers each have been included in this set to help kids out in the matching process. Print the reference sheets, enlarge, and post so kids can clearly see them. Print on cardstock, cut along the dashed lines, and laminate for longer lasting cards.

8 pages: 6 puzzle pages and 2 reference sheets

Community Helpers Matching - Match the Helpers to the Buildings

Community Helpers Matching Worksheets

In these community helpers matching worksheets you get a little bit of everything: matching helpers with the places they work, the people they work with, and the vehicles they drive, or a combination of two of them! Maybe next time around I’ll add the hats they wear! Ha ha! Anyway, please have fun with these. Draw a line or lines to match. Color the pictures – colored pencils may work best on these worksheets. Answer sheets are included.

6 worksheets