Add 2

These add 2 worksheets use pictures and numbers to teach the concept of adding 2. The worksheets start with picture worksheets using sums of up to 5 and progressing up to sums of 10. Primary writing lines are used to help kids write their numbers neatly. The worksheets with numbers have 10 problems per page using 2 as the first or second addend. Being familiar with the concept of adding on and/or counting with fingers might be helpful with these worksheets.

8 worksheets

CCSS K.OA.2 and K.OA.4

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add two - tweet! tweet!

Add 2 – Tweet! Tweet!

Sums to 5. Parakeets have flown in to perch on this add 2 worksheet. They are better in pairs - they get lonely. Add 2 by writing the addends and sums.

add two - waffle cones

Add 2 – Waffle Cones

Sums to 5. Color in your favorite flavors for these yummy looking waffle cones on this add 2 worksheet. Count the cones. Write the addends and the sums on the lines.

add two - pinwheels

Add 2 – Pinwheels

Sums to 7. Add 2 on this pinwheel-filled worksheet. Count the pinwheels and write the addends. Add them up and write the total on the lines. Check your answer - count the sums.

add two - puffer fish

Add 2 – Puffer Fish

Sums to 7. These little guys are floating by to help with addition! Add 2 in this underwater themed worksheet. Write the numbers neatly and carefully on the lines.

add two - cluck! cluck!

Add 2 – Cluck! Cluck!

Sums to 10. These fine feathered friends have come to help with this add 2 worksheet. Don't lay an egg! Count up the hens, write the addends then the sums neatly as can be.

add two - soccer balls

Add 2 – Soccer Balls

Sums to 10. Soccer fans rejoice! Soccer balls in great numbers have rolled in to help with this add 2 worksheet. Shoot for the goal by adding the balls and writing the sums.

add two - sheep

Add 2 – Sheep

Sums to 10. Don't be a lost sheep. Find your way by practicing addition with this add 2 worksheet. It's harder to add when 2 is the first number, but it can be done! Baaa.

add two - starfish

Add 2 – Starfish

Sums to 10. Add 2 with these five-armed starfish. On this worksheet the 2 is the second addend making it easier to add on. Write the sums on the lines and give yourself a star!