Counting to 9 - Let's Play Ball

Counting to 9 – Let’s Play Ball!

You’re entering the last lap of counting to 10! Show your skills with this counting to 9 page. Can you hear the balls being thrown through the air? or bouncing on the floor?

Counting to 9 - Things that Fly

Counting to 9 – Things that Fly

You can fly by counting to 9 with these loud planes, fun kites, pesky flies, and pet parakeets! Then move on to the counting to 10 worksheets that follow.

Counting to 10 - Balloons

Counting to 10 – Balloons

Yeah! You made it to counting to 10. Let’s celebrate with these star shaped, heart shaped, long and bumpy, and round balloons. Count them by ones or by 2’s for an extra challenge.

Counting to 10 - Reptiles

Counting to 10 – Reptiles

You made it to the end! Counting to 10 really is quite fun, especially with reptiles like these. As you’re counting think about what the turtle, snake, alligator and lizard might feel like.