simple addition - apples

Simple Addition – Apples

Sums to 3. This simple addition worksheet uses apples to count and add. Take note of the zeros. Kids can color the apples in a pattern.

simple addition - bunnies

Simple Addition – Bunnies

Sums to 5. Count and add the cute bunnies in this simple addition worksheet. How do bunnies feel? Nice complement to an animal unit.

simple addition - footballs

Simple Addition – Footballs

Sums to 5. Who wants to play football? Count and add the footballs in this simple addition worksheet and you just scored a touchdown!

simple addition - frogs

Simple Addition – Frogs

Sums to 7. Count and add the little frogs in this simple addition worksheet. Write the addends and the sums on the lines. What do frogs say and how do they feel?

simple addition - hearts

Simple Addition – Hearts

Sums to 7. This simple addition worksheet is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Count and add the hearts. Color them the colors of love!

simple addition - stars

Simple Addition – Stars

Sums to 9. Kids love to get stars on their papers. This simple addition worksheet comes with stars already on it. But you can always give them more…

simple addition - strawberries

Simple Addition – Strawberries

Sums to 9. Strawberries! So sweet and juicy when in season. Count and add the strawberries on this simple addition worksheet. Color them bright red.

simple addition - rings

Simple Addition – Rings

Sums to 10. Count and add the rings in our simple addition worksheet. Write the addends and sums on the lines. Are the stones diamonds or rubies?

simple addition - sand dollars

Simple Addition – Sand Dollars

Sums to 10. Kids will enjoy adding the sand dollars in this simple addition worksheet. Why are they called dollars when they’re in the shape of coins?