sight word run

Sight Word – run

I run away. I run now. I run fast. Sounds like kids playing at recess! Read the sentences and trace the sight word run. Draw a picture of yourself running like lightening.
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight word said

Sight Word – said

Unlike our other work- sheets, this one uses quotation marks. He said, “Hi!” He said, “No!” He said, “Go!” Read the sentences. Trace the sight word said. Draw a picture.
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight word see

Sight Word – see

See the fox? See the vet? See the pig? These sentences with the sight word see all end in question marks. Read the sentences, trace the sight words, and color a picture.
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight word she

Sight Word – she

She is fun. She is tan. She is wet. Sounds like a good time with this mystery girl. Read the sentences, trace the sight word she, and draw a picture. Is this girl you or a friend?
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight word the

Sight Word – the

The word the is the most used word. The three sentences using the word the are: Pet the dog. See the car? and Be the best! Draw a picture to go with one of the sentences.
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight word to

Sight Word – to

Read the sentences: I go to school. I go to bed. I go to play. Trace the sight word to. Draw a picture of yourself. Will you be pictured learning, sleeping, or playing? It’s a mystery!
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

sight word you

Sight Word – you

You can draw a picture of a friend for this worksheet. Read the sentences: I see you. I know you. I like you. Trace the sight word you on the dashed lines and draw your subject.
CCSS RF.K.3c and SL.K.5

dolch sight word bingo - pre-primer

Dolch Sight Word Bingo – Pre-primer

Color-coded in blue, this Dolch sight word bingo – pre-primer game comes with 40 full size pages, instructions, sight word game cards, and markers with stars.
CCSS None for pre-K

dolch sight word bingo - primer

Dolch Sight Word Bingo – Primer

Just one more in this row and I’ll have Bingo! Kids just love Bingo! This Dolch sight word bingo – primer game includes 40 full size cards, 52 word cards, playing pieces, and instructions.

fry list - the first 100

Fry List – The First 100

This Fry list is of the first 100 fry words. They are appropriate for kinder to first grade children. Divided into four lists with 25 words each, use the first 50 words for kindergarten.
CCSS RF.K.3c & R.F.1.3g