Print Awareness – Tall, Small, Fall Letters – Sorting Strips

Print awareness skills can be fun and engaging, especially with these tall, small, fall letters sorting strips. Print them out, fold them about 2 1/2 to 3 inches from the bottom and put them in a basket. Have kids sort the color-coded letters, animal letters, or plain letters in this set of resources into the tall, small and fall categories. Print several copies and use them as a small group activity, or use them whole group under a projector and have all the kids tell you which category the letters go into.

It’s recommended that you print these sorting strips on card stock and have them laminated to make them last longer.

CCSS No specific standard

Check out this page to see all the tall, small, fall resources on this site.

Print Awareness - Tall, Small and Fall Letters - Sorting Strips

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