St Patrick's Day Worksheets - Shamrock Patterns

St Patrick’s Day – Shamrock Patterns

As the only pattern worksheet in this set, I thought it appropriate to make it all about shamrocks! Kids cut out the shamrocks and glue them in place to complete the pattern.

St Patrick's Day Worksheets - Count to 100 Chart

St Patrick’s Day Count to 100 Chart

A simple count to 100 chart in a St Patrick’s Day theme. Get in the spirit of the holiday and print it on green paper. Have kids point to each number as they count to 100.

St Patrick's Day Worksheets - Count by 10's - Count to 100

St Patrick’s Day – Count by 10s to 100

Not only is this a count by 10’s worksheet, its a count to 100 chart as well, all in a St Patty’s Day theme. Have kids count by 1s or just by 10s as they fill in the missing numbers.

Trace Numbers 1-20 Worksheet

Trace Numbers 1-20 Worksheet

Count and trace all the numbers 1-20 on this worksheet. Use as classroom practice for all students, fast finishers, or several times a year for assessment purposes.