CVC Word Clip Cards

CVC Word Clip Cards

What Are CVC Word Clip Cards? CVC word clip cards are just one of the many fun resources you can use to teach your kids the the all important concept of cvc words.  For the clip cards, clothespins are used as the “clips”. Clothespins are an inexpensive tool to give your kids a “hands on” way to give […]

One-toOne Correspondence Blog Post - A Wellspring of Worksheets

One-To-One Correspondence: Fun Ways to Practice Matching and Counting

“One-to-one correspondence” may seem like a mouthful when thinking in terms of pre-school and kindergarten math, but the concept is the foundation for all mathematics and is fundamental to counting.  And not only that, it can be a lot of fun! How Children Learn Numbers and Counting Young children learn their numbers by hearing them […]

Dolch Sight Words Blog Post - Edward William Dolch, Ph.D.

Dolch Sight Words – The Complete Beginner’s Guide

What are sight words?  Maybe you’ve heard the term but aren’t quite sure what it means.  Sight words are the most common words in the English language.  Most of these words cannot be sounded out phonetically and must be memorized by sight.  They also cannot be easily depicted in pictures.  It is essential that children […]