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Product Description

All the resources on A Wellspring of Worksheets have been carefully researched and created to be age and grade level appropriate. Many categories have worksheets with different levels of materials to meet the needs of your differentiated learners.

The site is well-organized and easy to navigate, saving you time.

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The resources are fun! Learning is meant to be fun and engaging. You will find lots of worksheets with topics and themes that kids will be enchanted with and enjoy.

They have also been created to line up with the Common Core State Standards. Each worksheet lists the standard or standards in the bottom right corner. (Note that some worksheets don’t directly apply to any standard and therefore no standard is listed.)

You will find resources in black & white and color. You can go all out and print in color, or save your expensive color printer ink and go black & white. Many worksheets have answer sheets.

Find the resources you want, print, and you’re ready to go with some awesome resources for your home, classroom, or tutoring needs.