Writing starts with paper! This section has many types of paper to meet all those needs, starting with primary lined paper in different widths. The line widths are appropriate for specified grade levels. Each width has three styles – a page with primary lines, a page with primary lines and a line for a name, and primary lines with a line for a name and a box for an illustration. Be sure and see the  paper for upper grades, too – wide ruled and college ruled.

39 pages of writing paper

CCSS  No specific standards

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primary lined paper - portrait - 7/16"

Elementary Lined Paper

“Elementary lined paper” can be a pretty open ended description. Here’s what you’ll find in this section (hint, it’s almost every type of writing paper you might need!):  Primary lined landscape paper and primary lined portrait paper with primary writing lines (red base line, dashed mid line, blue top line) in seven different line widths with three types per line width – a page with lines only, a page with a line for a name, and a page with a line for a name and a box for an illustration. The white lined paper includes college ruled lined paper, wide lined paper, and spelling paper.

39 pages